Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gerald Hausman: Email, Bemail & Female

  My mom, pictured above, was the original bemailer.  She could contact, and be contacted, by friends, family, ghosts, and unborn children.  She could predict events that hadn't happened, that were happening, that were going to happen and she seldom knew one from another.  Yes, she was psychic.  In those days there wasn't email; there was telegraphy, telegrams.  That was instantaneous mail in the 1940s.  But my mom had a faster form of communication.  She would think a thought, I would receive it. 

Toward the end of her life she got very good at seeing newspaper headlines before they were in print.  Whatever I know, whatever I think I know, I learned from her.  She was the original bemailer.  If she were here today, she would say -- If you be, you can send bemail.  Direct transmission from one to another.  God bless her, she was the best.  And here is a little tribute to her favorites -- the Pony Express and telepathy.

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