Saturday, October 16, 2010

Native American Animal Stories

I recorded Native American Animal Stories in 1988 with jazz musician Ray Griffin in Tacoma, Washington. 

In these gather-around-the-fire tales, we learn how Nuthatch sprinkled dust and the people's hair grew white, and there was such a thing as old age.  Old Man Gopher brought toothache into the world.  The people's teeth were white as white corn, but Gopher visited them and then they had toothaches.  Horse, we learn, is a slow-footed fellow.  But he becomes fast when Butterfly brings him the fast flints from Flint Mountain.  These are the stories that tell us not just how it goes but why it goes.  These are for sharing, healing, and just plain smiling.

May we all be together on Corn Pollen Path.

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