Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Feather at the Miami Book Fair International

We have a Blue-fronted Amazonian parrot named George who's been a part of our family for thirty years.  George sheds his feathers, one at at a time, and we save them and give them away. 

I give them to children at my storytelling events.  At the Book Fair -- in the schools and at the storytelling tent -- George's feathers were a hit.  I asked a question, and for a good answer, the listener got a good luck feather.  

One small boy got a feather for dancing.  I asked him to come up on stage and make some SSzzounds with me and he declined, so I drummed and he started dancing a nice little rhythmic dance.  He was rocking, softly shuffling his feet to the drumbeat.  For a while, he just hung, floating like a bee.  I don't think he knew the entire audience was cheering him on.  He got a nice feather for that!  

My grandson and grand-daughter came up on stage, too -- that's Taj you see in the snapshot.  He would've been on stage the whole time if I'd let him.  Anais has never come up with me before and she surprised me by making a great growl into the mic.  I asked her if she'd do another one.  Her eyes drifted upward to the top of the tent.  Then her eyes met mine and she said, "No!" 

That's kids -- you always get the truth.  Like the boy who gave me the hug and said, "Thanks for the stories" and the other boy who scowled at me and said, "Get away old man."  But he got a feather too.  Why not, George wouldn't want it any other way.