Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three Years of Kindness

A few of you have asked for more doggie quotes, so here are some from the newly published, The Mythology of Dogs.

"Friend is the name of a dog" -- Jamaica

"If a man lives up to a dog, he is a saint." -- Zanzibar

"Faith is found in the dog kennel." -- Germany

"He who would stike my dog strikes me." -- Ireland

"A dog will remember three days of kindness for three years." -- Japan

All of these are ways of saying that we love dogs not only for themselves but for what we wish to be ourselves.  For more than 5,000 years we've been with dogs in caves, hovels, houses and mansions.  We cannot live without them.  Nor can we speak too highly of them. Which is why we gathered and collected the stories, legend and lore of over 67 breeds.

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