Monday, January 2, 2012

The Lion and the Scorpion

I still think kids are the best storytellers.  Here's a story told by my grandson, Taj, when he was six.  He called it "The Lion and the Scorpion."  And he said it very fast and I had to really race with my pen to keep up with him.  Such stories have been called "Yo Mama" but basically they're just one-upsmanship word-plays called out on every playground in America.  Taj said it, I scribbled it down in my journal and then Taj illustrated it, all done -- story and drawing -- in five minutes.

The Lion say, "Can't you be my friend?"

(The scorpion raises his tail . . .)

The lion he say, "I am going to eat you for breakfast if you sting me!"

The scorpion say, "Hey, you, what are you lookin at, Turtle?"

The lion say, "Hey YOU, what you lookin at, Bird?  I will eat you for BREAKFAST and LUNCH and SNACK and DINNER!"

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