Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guess Who Came To Dinner?

He was sitting behind the coffee-maker one morning, and there he stayed during the day, but at night he climbed the walls and ate whatever he pleased.

One day we drove to the airport and when I opened the trunk of the car, there he was, all big-eyed and smiley faced. He thought he was coming with us and he hopped on my luggage.

I transferred him from the hot trunk of the car to a nearby oak tree. What else was I to do? We were on our way out of town. When we returned, five days later, I climbed the oak tree with a flashlight looking for him. It was late and I attracted a parking lot cop who asked what I was doing.

He had a bigger flashlight and I convinced him to beam around the tree for a while. No luck. Our little friend was gone. We drove home, empty-hearted.

When we arrived home, we opened the trunk, and there sitting on my luggage was our friend, big-eyed and smiley-wily. It was night of course and he hopped on my shoulder and I put him in his safe little spot behind the coffee maker.

He was happy to be home. Late that night I heard him bouncing off the walls and Lorry said, "Good little tree frog."

Frog by Ramon Shiloh