Friday, November 22, 2013

The Great Flood

"A Great Flood is coming. Soon it will cover the land. I sing so you can save yourselves," said Spotted Frog.

No sooner than we did our first performance at MBFI, the rain came, sudden and soon and washed over the streets, hitting us slantwise, topwise and every whichway wise. We entered the Hilton soaked to the bone, to the marrow, to the heart. The words of the prophecy ringing true. And the rain didn't stop there. It lashed the windows through the night, wailing and moaning.

I remember as a child listening to Carl Sandburg. "Be careful what you say, little girl. Words have proud boots and walk loudly." That is what I remember. The power of words whispered in the wind. The enchantment of words whorled across skeins of rain. In Miami. Word, sound and power!